Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs - Episode Overview

December 25, 2021 Sherman W. Hunter Sr. Episode 0
Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs - Episode Overview
Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs
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Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs
Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs - Episode Overview
Dec 25, 2021 Episode 0
Sherman W. Hunter Sr.

This is a special overview episode.  This episode provides our listeners with additional details about the critical features and functions of our program.   We are using this extra episode to acquaint our listeners with detailed explanations of terminology that we will introduce in upcoming episodes.

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This is a special overview episode.  This episode provides our listeners with additional details about the critical features and functions of our program.   We are using this extra episode to acquaint our listeners with detailed explanations of terminology that we will introduce in upcoming episodes.




Before we begin this special episode, please make note that the bottom section of the transcript for this episode will include an important message from me.  The title of this message is “What we expect from you”.  The message will explain in a rather straightforward, step-by-step manner what you will be asked to personally do as your contributions to the success of our prelaunch phase.  Please read it at your convenience and if you have questions, please email me.  And now, let’s begin this special episode. 


This is a special overview episode to assist you in understanding the underlying ideas of our Cornucopia strategies.  There are about 12 separate strategies that are blended to create our synergistic Cornucopia effects.  


Over the years, when I have asked entrepreneurs to describe their ideal business goals, they would often begin by saying something like, “For some time, I have been daydreaming about having thus and so…”  The act of daydreaming is something that many of us do easily and often.  I have come to realize that daydreaming can be a useful and powerful tool when properly used.   To be more precise, it would be better to refer to this type of daydreaming as “visualizing”.


So, in this overview, let’s use a bit of visualization to prepare you for learning how to appreciate the awesome power of Cornucopia and how you can use it to its complete advantage.


The entrepreneurs who described their daydreams to me were often quite detailed regarding their desired goals.  They seemed able to provide definite reasons for nearly all aspects of their “daydream”.  I received an unclear response whenever I asked them to tell me how they were planning to turn their daydream into a reality.  In other words, what were their planning steps?


At best, this part of their daydream was nearly always blurry.  There would be gaps in their planning steps and their overall plan was often inconsistent.  However, those results should be expected.  You see, It is difficult for anyone to explain how to accomplish something that they have not yet accomplished themselves.  


To prepare yourself to interact with Cornucopia, the most important first step will be for you to “connect” with our Cornucopia software.  The free initial materials that you will be offered will begin this process.  We will provide more material than you might expect, but it is not complicated.  You can read and review it all at a comfortable and relaxed pace.  Once you have completed those materials, you will be much more prepared to begin taking advantage of all that we have developed for you.  


First, we will ask you to analyze and express your “needs” and “wants” regarding your business goals.  If you have no business goals at this time, it will be difficult for you to do this.  Regardless, you will be asked to do this by describing everything with short text paragraphs that we call submission notices.  Submission notices will also be used to express what we call your “haves”.   In our next episodes, you will learn more details of what we are referring to exactly.   Please understand that submission notices are only used to offer “something” to or to request “something” from Cornucopia.  If you are not offering “something” or requesting “something”, there is no use for a submission notice at all.


For Cornucopia, “haves” are simply your resources such as experience, skills, talents, knowledge, business contacts, and even available usable cash when appropriate.  However, we do NOT ask you to reveal exact details about anything.  We are asking you to take notice of them as in a checklist to yourself.  Your “haves” are all of the various skills, talents, experiences, knowledge, etc that you have and that are valuable to you, but could also be valuable to others.  You would use submission notices to identify them as needed to make a Cornucopia connection.  We will be providing you with examples, so don’t worry about any of that now.  Over the next several episodes, everything will become quite clear and you will become very relaxed about how everything works.  Your privacy and how it is protected is a major feature of why Cornucopia is very powerful.  As we explain everything to you, be sure to notice just how you and your projects are completely protected,


IMPORTANT DETAILS:  You are never asked to reveal any information or details other than a useable email address so that we can communicate with you.  There will be no need nor any requirement that you should provide us or any other participant with sensitive personal details or any information about your business projects such that someone could circumvent you.  Submission notices are written in a blind, generic format as additional protection.  In addition, submission notices are not automatically accepted.  All submission notices must be officially approved before they are shared in any manner at all.


Don’t allow this description to confuse you.  You will find that it doesn’t require you to do anything that will invade your privacy or make you uncomfortable.  There are no “secrets” requested.  Cornucopia is designed to enable you to accomplish everything with complete privacy.  That privacy feature is one of our most important protections.


Once you understand how to use “submission notices”, you will be able to accomplish a substantial amount of progress.  Fully understanding the power of “submission notices” will take a small bit of time, but the more that you use them, the more Cornucopia will be able to help you as we continue to activate more of our features.


When you use the Cornucopia strategy properly, you will be able to interface with business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals in any way that you wish.  


Here is a list of several interactive groups that we will refer to as we discuss Cornucopia.  Within the strategy, you will be shown how each group can assist you and how you can assist them.


Group 1 – Business owners, entrepreneurs, and/or proprietary product owners who do not have any knowledge about our strategy.  These individuals and their projects will generally be known only to you.  These individuals are within the general business community, anywhere in the world, with whom you may choose to interact.  Within this Group will be anyone with whom you discuss acquiring their business or part of their assets, such as a proprietary product or service.  So this Group represents a substantially large worldwide market available to you as a source of money-making projects.  We will be explaining how to recognize which businesses are likely to be suitable for acquisition as you begin applying our methods.


Group 2 – Entrepreneurs and business owners who are part of our registered Cornucopia community and all individuals who have subscribed and listened to either one of our podcast series.  You automatically are part of this Group.  This Group will become naturally segmented into two separate subgroups.  There will be a “passive” subgroup composed of individuals who are not yet ready to begin seeking ownership of a business.  Then there will be an “active” subgroup that will be taking action leading toward securing business ownerships.  


To express these groups more plainly, the passive group will not participate in all of our activities as will the active group.  Those group members who are actively seeking to gain ownership of products and/or businesses are the “active” group.  The passive group will focus mostly on gaining basic knowledge of our strategy, but will not want to seek ownership situations yet.  If they later decide to do so, they can become active by learning the rest of our strategies and participating in our software training activities.


Group 3 – As you use Cornucopia, certain members of Group 2 will be attracted to you because of your “submission notices”. These individuals will form a special subgroup attached to you that we call your “eAlliance”.  You will hear more about your eAlliance in future episodes.  Individuals in your eAlliance will strongly relate to you and/or your business projects.  They will have business skills and experiences that complement your background and your business needs.  They will want to assist you and/or would like your assistance with their projects.  Your eAlliance will continuously grow in size as you interact with Cornucopia.  Those individuals who make up your eAlliance will be uniquely focused upon you.  No other members of Cornucopia will be able to collect your exact eAlliance members.  Your eAlliance will, in time, become your private business resource.  Only you will be able to use it to your personal and professional advantage whenever you choose. 


Cornucopia strategy is a “tool” that will allow you to focus upon the best way to resolve or eliminate obstacles that are blocking you from making needed business progress.  So, together we will create and sustain the best resources for your purposes. 


Our podcasts will explain how to interface with each of these Groups.  Each Group will serve a different purpose, but when used properly the synergism that occurs will be a powerful resource to help you to make continual progress in your efforts.


Your submission notices will keep you connected to Group 2 and will grow your private Group 3.  There will be several methods available to you to help us to expand Group 2 depending upon your personal business goals.  However, to interact with Group 1, you will be shown a completely different approach, but you are also encouraged to be as creative as you wish.  We will detail our approach for you as we continue our episodes.


Now, before we begin explaining our actual Cornucopia philosophy and strategy in the next several episodes, we should first be sure that you understand why we designed our system to use “bootstrapping” ideas as much as possible.




When people want to become entrepreneurs, but don’t have much money, they usually believe that there are not many useful opportunities available to them.    But, that is not true.  


Cornucopia strategy works because there are many worthwhile opportunities that you can locate, evaluate and negotiate for, once you understand where and how to look for them.  Even with a lot of cash, you will not be able to acquire all of the businesses that you might want.  It is great to have the cash that you need, but cash is not always what is required.


You can make serious progress toward acquiring business ownership when you learn – How to use what you already have to get what you want.  That is what our Cornucopia strategy can do for you.  It helps you to know how to make progress by only using what you already have,  That is how you will begin to make progress.  Cornucopia is the system that can change your current situation.  


Your submission notices along with your efforts to increase the size of Group 2 will also expand your eAlliance Group 3 as an additional business resource.  Your efforts and actions with Group 1 individuals will generate a constant series of new opportunities for you and others.  In addition, by focusing on these Group 1 and Group 2 actions, you will help us to intensify and “beta test” our advanced software features.  


We understand that there are two ways we could bring our unusual strategies to the marketplace.  The normal way would be to offer a highly polished, fully functional software tool where the paying entrepreneur would only have to “pick and choose” from various business situations that might be available for immediate cash sale with minimum resistance from owners.  


And, if we were to provide that type of program, those entrepreneurs who could readily afford our higher membership prices and who would have easy access to the likely cash selling prices of these “cherry-picked” available businesses would NOT be the audience that we want to reach now.  That audience has never been our focus.  As our episodes will explain, we have always been focused upon helping entrepreneurs who needed alternatives and who were willing to apply personal effort instead of remaining blocked out of opportunities because they did not have a lot of cash and who did not like borrowing.  


This is the marketplace we are seeking.  This approach is not the easiest, but it is very practical.  Instead of paying a lot of money upfront and “hoping” that you will gain success, this approach allows you to work through the process in a step-by-step manner that teaches you as you make progress by using only a minimum outlay of money.


Regardless of how we might have chosen to offer our strategies in the marketplace, the actual work and effort required to succeed as an entrepreneur would not change.  The only difference would be how much of the necessary work would we do for you in advance and how much we would have to charge you for doing all of that initial work for you?  And, keep in mind that there will always be some necessary work that you, as the entrepreneur, would still have to do.  


Naturally, most people would prefer to have everything just handed to them (if they could afford the price).  Such business programs are available and they can easily be located.  Some of these programs will request a share of your profits or suggest “side deals” with you.  However, this program is not one of them.  We hope to help those entrepreneurs who are willing to apply themselves as they learn.  Your projects will be your projects.  We don’t participate or share income from your projects! 


So, what about serious entrepreneurs who do not have the required money to take the easy way?  We believe that those entrepreneurs should be given a reasonable chance to make progress even though they have less money to begin their business journey.  The market we are seeking is composed of those entrepreneurs who do not have a lot of money or if they have money, they don’t want to use it to acquire business opportunities.  


So, we have designed our prelaunch efforts to provide you with a way to assist us both to reach our goals.  We will share and teach our strategy to you starting with the next episodes.  We will support your efforts to acquire business ownership.  We will share guidelines, strategies, and software tools to assist you.  In return, we will ask you to assist us by expanding Group 2 such that we gather enough diversified members of Group 2 to further conduct “beta testing” of advanced features before we begin to prepare for our “official” launch.


To create alternative ways to make progress, some adjustments have to be made.  Cornucopia will provide you with many of these adjustments and alternatives.  Instead of requesting and requiring large fees, Cornucopia was designed to go through two launch phases such that the first phase (that we call a prelaunch) would allow those entrepreneurs who are serious, but who have less spendable money, to benefit from this unusual prelaunch opportunity.  They will be allowed to learn how to apply our strategy, generate business associates (their eAlliances) and master our software functions before others can.


Our prelaunch phase was designed for those entrepreneurs who are willing to contribute a “bit of cooperative effort” as they are learning how to personally apply this strategy to their projects.  This is an extremely low-cost way to avoid higher fees that will be required of all others after our “official” launch.


Group 2 individuals joining with us now will benefit immediately from low-costs throughout the prelaunch phase and beyond.  Their heavily discounted activity fees will remain fixed only for them even after our “official” launch.  In other words, all Group 2  individuals who participate throughout our prelaunch phase will be “locked” into this current extremely low fee structure even after our official launch.


The Basic Cornucopia Strategy Project Cycle


Let’s begin by assuming that you are gathering information about a business and/or its products.  You are wanting to know if there is any reasonable chance that this business is one that you could acquire and be able to succeed as its new owner.  Of course, to get to that point, there are several steps that you will need to learn and we will get to all of that.  This is just an overview.  More details will be provided in upcoming episodes.


As you evaluate that business, at some point, you will conclude that the business is perfect for you or that it is not.


If the business is perfect, we will discuss the next steps required later.  But, if the business is not perfect for you, an important question that you could ask yourself might be, “Is this business perfect for anybody else?  Or maybe you would ask, “Why is this business not a good fit for me? Or “Can I do anything that would make this business perfect for me?”


If you were to submit a proper submission notice to Cornucopia, you have the potential to connect with someone in Group 2 who could resolve your concerns in several different ways.   Remember, you will be the only person who knows the identity of the business owner and the full details of this project.  No other individual would be able to go around you unless you want that to happen.  So, at this point in the process, you can determine if there are any beneficial ways for you to gain from this project.  


In short, for every opportunity that you introduce into Cornucopia, the number of additional opportunities that are attracted to you is multiplied.  In addition, each opportunity can attract another potential useful and knowledgeable business associate who will relate to your business goals and/or your projects.  Just because a potential business associate wishes to develop a possible business relationship, you have the absolute power to accept or deny the relationship.  You control what, if anything, happens from each interaction.


It will always be your decision if this new associate would be useful to you and on what basis.  For you to choose to allow the relationship, this associate would have to indicate what he or she brings to the table, so to speak.  Do they bring you resources, more projects, certain skills, etc?  Each opportunity that you introduce to Cornucopia also invites other similar opportunities to be shared with you as well.  


As these additional opportunities are made known to various members, keep in mind that regardless of the opportunity, there is always only ONE member who controls the specific details regarding each opportunity.  What that means precisely is that every interested Cornucopia member who approaches you regarding your opportunity is also offering you another way to benefit from what you have.  The likely result of this burst of activity around you is that you will have more chances to be able to meet the owner's requirements yourself, or as part of a joint venture arrangement, or perhaps a referral hand over to a member, or to trade the project for another one that is more to your liking, etc.  


You will discover that as you become more and more active, the number of situations that you will be offered will increase.  Of course, you will need, at some point, to be sure that you are behaving in an organized and professional manner.  You will likely begin receiving a wide variety of possibilities on which you will have to make decisions.  That means, that you should always be sure to obtain proper advice from your legal and financial advisors to be sure that you make decisions that are in your best interest.


The basic goal of Cornucopia is to assist you in attracting new opportunities and providing you with multiple ways to benefit from all of the opportunities that you have personally located.  You will be able to do so as much as you want.


You may be wondering, “Why would I want to tell anybody about an opportunity that I have located?”  Well, that is a fair question and it is great that you are asking it.  The reason this is important is that there will be times when you realize that a particular opportunity is “over your head” or to satisfy that opportunity will require something that you do not yet have.  When this situation occurs, you are forced to make a decision.  You will have to forget about that opportunity or you have to attempt to locate a solution with the help of others.  The choice is always yours to make.  


Now, when you require the help of others, you will need to make some adjustments in your thinking.  Exactly how you and the other person decide to work together will be a mutual decision made by both of you.


Perhaps you already understand the basic pattern of Cornucopia and its use of “submission notices” now.  The pattern is quite easy to understand and apply when you consider the following realities:  In business, you stop making progress when you have at least one of these common circumstances:

Each of these circumstances will involve something that you need or want.

1)    You need to accomplish something and you do not know how to do it

2)    You need something and you do not have it

3)    You need to know something and you don’t know it

4)    You must do something and you cannot do or don’t want to do.


Your submission notices provide you with an easy way to safely request assistance from business contacts who want to help you. You will be able to ask for help while still maintaining complete privacy and protection of your opportunity.  As you continuously solve these types of issues, you will continue to make meaningful progress toward your goals.  It is as simple as that.  Each submission notice states your current need, what you expect and what you wish to offer in return.


It may surprise you to learn that heavy use of Cornucopia will constantly force you to make decisions.  You will have to decide for each opportunity if you want to become a business owner or a business operator/manager.  We will be explaining how Cornucopia will assist you to make progress in either situation.


Your learning journey begins with the next episode.  Take care.


=  =   =    =     =     =




Our goal is to share our strategies and software systems with you.  We expect that they will be useful to you.  We also believe that our information and tools will represent a practical way for you to make progress as an entrepreneur or business owner.


As this episode has explained, we find value in applying “bootstrapping techniques” as much as possible.  Such techniques are not easy choices for many, but when properly applied, clear benefits should appear.


Contrary to the usual manner in which entrepreneurial training materials are promoted, this program is being offered to you with a small “string attached”.  


Instead of requiring high front-end costs from you to access a fully activated system with all of the “lights and whistles” of a Hollywood movie premiere. We chose to provide our materials and systems to you differently.  We want to share our materials and strategy with entrepreneurs who are serious but cannot readily afford heavy front-end fees. Instead of the higher fees, we ask you to assist us to attract and accumulate Group 2 participates for our prelaunch phase.   


Our software will be monitoring the size, diversity, and activities within Group 2.  Our software will alert us when to stop further Group 2.  Whenever that happens, we will activate all of our remaining advanced features, verify their functionalities with your help, and then activate our “official” launch.  For having assisted us during the prelaunch, your fees will be “locked” and will not change as we move to our “official” launch. 


This idea is not going to please everybody.  In fact, within my staff and associates, there was and still is some definite opposition to this idea.  But this decision was mine to make.   No business system or set of strategies will be perfect for everybody nor will they always work for them.  


My personal goal is to provide you with this unusual approach to help you to begin your efforts without heavy financial risks.  I want you to be able to learn step-by-step at a comfortable pace that is right for you.  If you progress faster than others, our strategies and systems will not restrict your success.


Future episodes will explain more about these “no cost to you” activities that you may use to assist us:

·         Ask other entrepreneurs to review and subscribe to our podcasts.  This will expand Group 2

·         Use our Bulletin “Earn Shares” links with entrepreneurs.  This will expand Group 2 and also provide decoding shares that link you to selected Cornucopia opportunities

·         Develop your business plan and begin to apply our strategies as soon as possible

·         Analyze various types of small businesses within Group 1.  Doing so will help us to teach you how to spot “distressed” business situations

·         Submit submission notices that describe your “needs”, “wants” and “haves”.  These notices will serve to define and to develop your personal eAlliance or Group 3 resource team

·         Use our “Ask Me Anything” feature from our Premium Bonus podcasts

·         Schedule free audio strategy discussions as necessary (1 on 1 or in group sessions)

·         Participate in our “beta testing” exercises as the growth of Group 2 permits

·         Participate in “decoding” exercises when the size of Group 2 and submission notices permit

·         Provide us with software development ideas to help us to create more advanced features


=  =   =    =     =     =