Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs - Episode 2

March 31, 2022 Sherman W. Hunter Sr. Season 1 Episode 2
Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs
Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs - Episode 2
Show Notes

Show Notes 

Podcast:  Cornucopia Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Episode: 2

Host: Sherman Hunter

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Summary: This podcast series focuses upon explaining the various strategies that form the foundation of our Cornucopia strategy and its preference for “bootstrapping” methodology.  In our first episode, we began to explain the genesis of Cornucopia, its benefits, and why this strategy is critically important for entrepreneurs.    

Highlights: Sherman continues to lay down more of the basic concepts that were used to build the Cornucopia strategy.  He provides mention of extra reading materials he supplied since the first episode.  Also, he begins to explain how to translate your “needs”, “wants”, and “Haves” into Cornucopia via the Bulletin and why it is important to begin that process. 

Opportunity/Collaboration Bulletin Submission Guidelines:

·       Notices cannot reveal email addresses or personal names

·       Notices cannot reveal product names or company names

·       Notices must clearly state your role, business function or intent

·       Notices cannot display telephone numbers or websites

·       Notices cannot refer to social media or message links

·       Notice descriptions must state their desired purpose

·       Notices must be devoid of typos and misspellings

·       Notices should include vetting requests/input as desired or requested

·       Notices must clearly refer to exclusive proprietary products/services

Key Quotes:“The point of your exercise shouldn't be to use Cornucopia as much as you can. It is really to get the results that you want as fast as you can.”

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